The Resistance

As in any occupation, resistance has arisen: the Committees of the Red Spear, most often shortened to the Red Spear

… a nod to the White Rose movement opposing the Nazis during World War 2. As resistance fighters have for centuries, the Red Spear works to disrupt the occupying forces. Bombings, kidnappings, assassinations—all have been used in the fight for freedom. After a decline in activity, the symbol of the resistance, a red spray-painted circle around the letters RIA (Resistance Is All), has begun to appear again, accompanying an increase in violence.

As it was in Stalinist Russia and the Vichy regime in German-controlled France, the Mahk-Ra encourage and reward those humans who help them contain and control humanity. There is a very real reason for paranoia among the populace. Say the wrong word to or near the wrong person, and you could be picked up for questioning by the police. Worse, you could find the elite military police, the Talon, showing up at your door. No one is ever safe and twenty years has only increased people’s caution.