The Invasion

The ships arrived on Saturday, October 31, 2020, a day when children across America were getting ready to dress up as witches and warlocks, ghosts and goblins … and aliens from outer space.

Then real aliens appeared, in motherships the size of cities. When the first troop ships landed, they wiped out the welcoming dignitaries who had come together to greet them. This was invasion. This was war.

They were called the Mahk-Ra, from the homeworld Ra-Prime. A militaristic race who had been expanding their empire for centuries. It was immediately apparent that they had superior firepower. But for the most part their weapons were stronger versions of Earth guns and bombs. No death rays, no force shields. They weren’t some invulnerable super force. Their troops could be killed, and their fighter aircraft could be brought down by ground and air fire.

But the Mahk-Ra had one major advantage. While we knew nothing about them, they knew all about us. Through the use of surgical transformation, they’d had sleeper agents on our world since the 1930s. They’d been watching and listening to us for years, in some cases decades, monitoring our communications, utilizing collaborators, hacking into government databases. Learning as much about the Earth as they could.

When the troop ships arrived, attacking in massive waves, they essentially destroyed Earth’s military defenses and its stockpiles of nuclear weapons. This was done, without warning, on the first day of the invasion. It was Pearl Harbor on a global scale.

After the initial attack, what was left of Earth’s military banded together in defense of the planet. But no one had any experience in a war where the enemy was based in the sky. The 25  motherships disgorged a seemingly endless stream of attack ships and ground troops, and though Earth’s forces scored some temporary victories, none were significant.

The turning point came in the second month. Two nuclear missiles were launched, heading for one of the motherships, catching everyone—including the Mahk-Ra—by surprise. The explosions were spectacular. When the ship crashed, the explosions were heard over a hundred miles away.

The attack came from Iran, confirming what some had suspected: that they had been building a nuclear arsenal for years. It was a major blow against the invaders, and word spread around the world in just hours. But the time for rejoicing was short. For six days and nights, five motherships released a steady rain of destruction upon Iran. Villages, cities, even mountains were pulverized. The loss of life was incalculable.

On the seventh day the barrage ended. The ships returned to their previous positions. The people of Earth absorbed the magnitude of destruction the aliens were capable of, and most of the fighting came to a standstill. Two weeks later Earth surrendered.