The Invaders

The Mahk-Ra are in a centuries-long conflict with another race. Earth was invaded because of its strategic importance in the struggle, and is the 26th planet in our galaxy that they’ve occupied.

They are humanoid, looking more like us than not, but tall, averaging 6’ 5” to 7’. Their eyes’ large pupils make them very sensitive to sunlight, and they always wear sunglasses when outside during the day.

They are not superhuman, though their size gives them proportional strength, and they are trained to fight from an early age. You wouldn’t want to take them on in bar fight, but a seasoned boxer, MMA fighter, or martial artist could go toe-to-toe with them.

There are two different races of the Mahk-Ra—the dominant ruling ones and a smaller segment called the Mahk-Re, similar to the Native Americans of North America or the Aboriginal natives of Australia. The Mahk-Re are looked down upon by the ruling faction and are treated like second class citizens.

Many of our resources have been redirected to the war effort, leading to shortages in all areas: food, fuel, technology … but by 2040, the front has shifted. Earth’s importance is practically nil. It has become a backwater world, far from the front, used as a repair dock, R&R station. and supplier of cannon fodder for the war effort. Still, the Mahk-Ra rule with an iron fist.

But on the most basic level, life under the new rulers remains the same. The mail is delivered, the trains run, though not as regularly as before. Crimes big and small still occur, still need to be investigated and solved.

And given Earth’s lessening importance in the Mahk-Ra empire, the aliens’ control on their outpost is fraying around the edges. The black market flourishes. Various colorful and capable characters, including disgraced Mahk-Ra, operate in this netherworld.

(armor image by Obodenus)